Many already famous as well as undiscovered young bands of the gothic / dark independent / industrial scene of Ukraine, Russia & Belarus. Bands & DJ's from Europe, USA and Japan are awaited guests every year as well.

Officialy confirmed line-up of "Chorna Rada: Children of the night 2005"

Officialy confirmed line-up of "Chorna Rada: Children of the night 2006"


Komu Vnyz (Kiev, gothic industrial)
Inferno (Kiev, gothic metal)
Error:Genesis (Ukraine, Kiev, dark electro / ebm / industrial)
Audi Sile (Ukraine, Kiev, gothic industrial)

Japan: Phantasmagoria (Japan, visual kei / j-rock / japan gothic)
USA: Blood Jewel (USA, cyber gothic / dark wave / fetish)
Sweden: Severe Illusion (Sweden, EBM / industrial / electro)
Spain: Charlotte's Shadow (Spain, gothic rock)
Russia:The Guests (Russia, gothic rock / dark rock)

Prophetic Dream (Belarus, cyber-gothic-electro)
Vis Essentialis (Belarus, gothic metal)

Phantasmagoria (Japan, visual kei / j-rock / japan gothic)

Information is soon to be published...


Severe Illusion (Sweden, EBM / industrial / electro)

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Charlotte's Shadow (Spain, gothic rock)

Information is soon to be published...





Komu VnyZ (Kiev, Ukraine)

The first and the most famous Ukrainian gothic band founded in 1988. Komu Vnyz is considered the single band on the territory of Ukraine and Eastern Europe that plays extraordinary authentic blend of gothic and industrial combined with the lyrics of the ancient Ukrainian legends. For the last ten years Komu Vnyz have released two albums, have been recognized as the cult Ukrainian band and got the status of the Fathers of the Ukrainian Gothic. At the moment their new album "IDEM" is being awaited to be released on "Chorna Pravda Records" (Ukrainian Gothic Portal). In the middle of the 90's Komu Vnyz shared the stage with the well - known formation Laibach. In 2000, Komu Vnyz headlined at the first Ukrainian gothic festival "Dity Nochi" ("Children of the Night "). In 2001, their successful performance at the Polish festival Castle Party attracted attention not only of the audience but also of the famous artists of the world gothic scene - Das Ich and Garden of Delight. In 2002 the band played on the biggest European gothic festival Wave Gotik Treffen. A great number of the fans from the various European countries joined them in singing in Ukrainian. Today Komu Vnyz is well known not only in Ukraine but abroad as well. Their leader, Andrij Sereda, possesses an amazing voice, characterized by the critics as "unique" and "the best voice of Ukraine". All in all, the band may be considered as founders of the absolutely new musical style in Ukraine: the Ukrainian Gothic. Last year the musicians were invited to perform at Wave Gotik Treffen once again. Their show gathered more than 1500 people and impressed the journalists and organizers of the festival well enough so the video recording of the show was included into the promotional DVD "Wave-Gotik-Treffen -2004". Along with the world famous bands (Das Ich, Camouflage, Laibach, Diary Of Dreams, Clan Of Xymox), Komu Vnyz has become one of those 14 bands (selected from the total of 160 formations) which are believed to be the most interesting and the most outstanding representatives of the international gothic scene. The DVD, numbered to 50 000 copies, is on sale in all the countries of Europe. At the moment Komu Vnyz is translating their lyrics into English in order to re-release their albums in Europe. The band is also preparing to present their new album in Ukraine.

Style: gothic industrial
Associated with: Laibach, Rammstein, In Extremo, Megaherz, Treibhaus
The official
MP3 Samples: "Кленовий Вогонь" (Maple Fire) "Нава" "Ліра" (Lyra) "Irgendwo, Irgendwie, Irgendwann (in German & English)"

Holodne Sontse (SolarIce) (Ternopol, Ukraine)

Founded in the end of the 90's SolarIce have recently appeared on the Ukrainian scene but have already managed to become the stars. A good blend of gothic rock and love metal fascinates many music lovers and their songs easily become Radio and TV hits. In 2004 SolarIce became the first gothic band that won the second place at the mainstream festival "Perlyny Sezonu". Not long ago the band released their debut album "Promeni Sliz" in Ukraine. After that SolarIce have got many invitations, played many concerts in the countries of CIS and Eastern Europe. SolarIce appeared at the gothic festival Gothland (Moscow, Russia), gothic festival Dark Way (Minsk, Belorus), performed in Kiev, Lviv and Odessa. On the 30th of July the band represented Ukraine at the biggest Eastern European gothic festival Castle Party. In May SolarIce won the remix contest for the Austrian band L'ame Immortelle. Their remix was included into the L'ame Immortelle single and released on BMG all over the Europe. Thomas Rainer (leader of L'ame Immortelle) and the press characterize SolarIce as "the Ukrainian band that can make any song reborn as a driving Gothic Rock track". That helps them to secure for themselves a status of the leading Gothic Rock band in Ukraine. At the moment SolarIce are busy with the production of the European version of their album.

Style: gothic rock / love metal
Associated with: The 69 eyes, HIM, The Cult, Type o Negative, The Sister of Mercy, Entwine
The Official Site:
MP3 Samples: "Gloomy dream" "Calling (SolarIce remix of L'ame Immortelle)"


Dust Heaven (Odessa, Ukraine)

The Ukrainian synth goth / cold wave project Dust Heaven was started in 2001 by the musicians of the band Gray/Scale who also invited Olga Pulatova of Fleur as a vocalist. From the very beginning Dust Heaven attracted attention of the audience with the blend of gothic - electronic made up by Alexander Grechannik and unique angelic voice of Olga Pulatova. The musical style of the band is characterized by the Ukrainian and the German press as synth goth combined with cold wave (the closest analogues are L'ame Immortelle, La Floa Maldita, Kirlian Camera). Today the band has a new vocalist - Anastasia. The discography of Dust Heaven is not that much impressive but the musicians have a lot of material in store. In 2003 they recorded a promo single "Nevidimki" that got a lot of positive reactions of the Ukrainian and European musical critics. At the moment Dust Heaven are working on the new single called "Silent River" as well as on the new songs for the coming album (including two versions of the songs - in Ukrainian and in English). More than once their songs were broadcasted by the Ukrainian radio stations. Their first concert took place in the end of 2003 at the Moscow mini gothic festival. Dust Heaven shared the stage with the famous Austrian dark - electro project L'ame Immortelle. In March 2004 the band performed at the gothic party in Odessa, in April they played in Kiev, in May Dust Heaven performed at Wave Gotik Treffen in Germany. May 2005 saw them also playing at the Polish festival Dark East in Warsaw. Their performance evoked incredible reaction among the visitors.

Style: gothic synth
Associated with: L'ame Immortelle, La Floa Maldita, Kirlian Camera, Black Heaven, Tatu
The Official Site:
MP3 Samples:"Невидимки" "Тихая река" (A Silent River) "Невидимки [see her in motion mix]" "Прозрачный человек" (A Transparent Man)

Prophetic Dream (Minks, Belarus)

The project was started in 1998 by the musician known as Waat "Prophet" Voltriim who used to play dark-ambient / darkwave and by the moment has recorded five demo albums, many singles and promotional samples. Last time the project has been playing many concerts in the cities of Belarus. The music of Prophetic Dream has been enough modernized. Now the listeners can find the elements of gothic-electro, future-pop, industrial, darkwave and cyber-metal. Since January the project has been in the studio "Ashes Records" working on their debut full-length album. The release is planned for the autumn of 2005.

Style: cyber gothic electro
Associated with: Ewigheim, Terminal Choice, The Fair Sex
MP3 Samples: "Nuclear impulse"

Vis Essentialis (Byelorussia, Minsk)

A gothic-metal band, which was founded in 2001 by Dmitriy "Dimiat" (percussion, lyrics) and Kirill "Prophet Voltriim" (keyboards, guitars, vocal, music). From the very beginning, the band has taken the leading place at the Byelorussian metal scene. Already after the first concert which has taken place in November of 2001, the group has attracted attention, and has got the status of the ten best metal-groups of Byelorussia on results of year. In 2002 and 2003, the band consisting of already 6 person, has released a demo-album "A Part of Infinity", consisting of four compositions. Because of insufficient promotion, the album has received responses only in territory of Byelorussia which were extremely positive. The group actively took part in a number of various radio-shows, concerts and festivals, playing on one stage with such groups as: Behemoth, Exhumator, Lux Occulta, Negura Bunget, Mental Demise and many others. Because of constant changes in structure and moving of some participants for limits of Byelorussia, since 2004 year the band has disappeared from a field of vision, and in a band there was only Prophet Voltriim. For the period of 2004 and 2005 year Prophet had prepared the material for a complete album. In the beginning of 2006 year, in the updated structure (new structure VIS ESSENTIALIS includes musicians from groups: IRIS 7, VESTIBULUM, ex-PROPHETIC DREAM, ex-white PERSONS), with presentation of the new program the group has given few concerts in Minsk. Concerts have passed at excellent support of public. Now the group spends time in studio where it is going to write down the first album during 2006. Music of VIS ESSENTIALIS, is classified as new-wave with the big share of a Gothic atmosphere, elements of gothic-metal/fate with the set of the synthesized sounds and chorals.

Style: gothic metal with alternatives elements
Associated with: Crematory, Farmer Boys, Amorphis, Alchemist, Ever Eve, Moonspell
The Official Site: none.
MP3 Samples: temporarily unavailable.

Kreuzer (France-Izrael, Paris-TelAviv)

Kreuzer - a name which has appeared from industrial-noise bowels during an epoch of the beginning of a decline of the European culture. The underground noise-project is based in 2004 and at once has combined in itself a little the styles advanced on today - rhythmic-noise, harsh-noise, power-electronics, dark-ambient and martial. Almost year has borrowed a choice and development of the equipment and only after that the project has actively earned above creation of own original compositions. During all 2005 Kreuzer continued to experiment. The DJ-sets was noted by hit in various and has received good responses of musicians with Cold Meat Industry. The project takes part in the beginning of 2006 in remixing songs " Meine Frau " and is published on the same single of Russian dark-electro project T.3.R. The first serious audio-expansion is planned at the end of a summer 2006: the joint album of Kreuzer with two other noise-projects Concrete Creeps Filth (France) and Hyxar54 (Moscow) will be published on cult France label CNCCR Records. Soon is planned EP "Death of the Beast" - the release devoted to death of Stalin in 1953 and including remixes from best international and Russian noise and ambient projects. Music of Kreuzer is characterized as history-noise for all creativity of the project is devoted to various fragments of a history. At present Kreuzer finishes work above Split. After that it will start the creation of complete album which is highly expected by the international admirers of industrial-noise. Music Kreuzer bears revolutionary and innovative decisions in sphere of electronics conceptually based on historical paradigms of the western civilization.

Style: martial / rythm and noise / power noise / dark ambient
Associated with: Noisex, Genocide Organ, Hypnoskull, Synapscape, Les Joyaux de la Princesse, Claustrum.
The Official Site: none.
MP3 Samples: temporarily unavailable.

Error:Genesis (Ukraine, Kiev)

Information is soon to be published...

Style: dark electro / ebm / tbm / industrial.
Associated with: Suicide Commando, Grendel, Wumpscut, Combichrist, Hocico, God Module, Amduscia.
The Official Site:
MP3 Samples: temporarily unavailable.