Many already famous as well as undiscovered young bands of the gothic / dark independent / industrial scene of Ukraine, Russia & Belarus. Next year the bands from Poland and Germany are expected as well.

from Ukraine:

Komu Vnyz (Kiev, gothic industrial)
Viy (Kiev, dark rock / folk)
Olya & Monster (Odessa, side-project of band FLEUR, dark electronics)
Holodne Sonze (SolarIce) (Ternopil, gothic rock / love metal)
Dust Heaven (Odessa, gothic synth)
Inferno (Kiev, gothic metal)
Gray/Scale (Odessa, dark electro / ebm / industrial)
Wombat(Rivne, dark rock)
Ginger Snaps (Odessa, ebm / industrial)
Necropolis (Kiev, gothic rock / dark wave)
Strigoii (Kiev, dark rock / cold wave, with participants from Druga Rika / Molotov 20 / Skryabin)
Oksana Malitska (Kiev, opera sympho gothic metal in style of NIGHTWISH)

from Belarus:

Dromos (Minsk, Belarus, experimental dark-wave/industrial)
Prophetic Dream (Minsk, Belarus, cyber gothic electro)
Le Reine Margot (Minsk, Blearus, gothic rock / dark wave)

from Russia:Slide Show (Moscow, Russia, cyber/fetish gothic)


Komu VnyZ (Kiev, Ukraine)

The first and the most famous Ukrainian gothic band founded in 1988. Komu Vnyz is considered the single band on the territory of Ukraine and Eastern Europe that plays extraordinary authentic blend of gothic and industrial combined with the lyrics of the ancient Ukrainian legends. For the last ten years Komu Vnyz have released two albums, have been recognized as the cult Ukrainian band and got the status of the Fathers of the Ukrainian Gothic. At the moment their new album "IDEM" is being awaited to be released on "Chorna Pravda Records" (Ukrainian Gothic Portal). In the middle of the 90's Komu Vnyz shared the stage with the well - known formation Laibach. In 2000, Komu Vnyz headlined at the first Ukrainian gothic festival "Dity Nochi" ("Children of the Night "). In 2001, their successful performance at the Polish festival Castle Party attracted attention not only of the audience but also of the famous artists of the world gothic scene - Das Ich and Garden of Delight. In 2002 the band played on the biggest European gothic festival Wave Gotik Treffen. A great number of the fans from the various European countries joined them in singing in Ukrainian. Today Komu Vnyz is well known not only in Ukraine but abroad as well. Their leader, Andrij Sereda, possesses an amazing voice, characterized by the critics as "unique" and "the best voice of Ukraine". All in all, the band may be considered as founders of the absolutely new musical style in Ukraine: the Ukrainian Gothic. Last year the musicians were invited to perform at Wave Gotik Treffen once again. Their show gathered more than 1500 people and impressed the journalists and organizers of the festival well enough so the video recording of the show was included into the promotional DVD "Wave-Gotik-Treffen -2004". Along with the world famous bands (Das Ich, Camouflage, Laibach, Diary Of Dreams, Clan Of Xymox), Komu Vnyz has become one of those 14 bands (selected from the total of 160 formations) which are believed to be the most interesting and the most outstanding representatives of the international gothic scene. The DVD, numbered to 50 000 copies, is on sale in all the countries of Europe. At the moment Komu Vnyz is translating their lyrics into English in order to re-release their albums in Europe. The band is also preparing to present their new album in Ukraine.

Style: gothic industrial
Associated with: Laibach, Rammstein, In Extremo, Megaherz, Treibhaus
The official
MP3 Samples: "Кленовий Вогонь" (Maple Fire) "Нава" "Ліра" (Lyra) "Irgendwo, Irgendwie, Irgendwann (in German & English)"

Holodne Sontse (SolarIce) (Ternopol, Ukraine)

Founded in the end of the 90's SolarIce have recently appeared on the Ukrainian scene but have already managed to become the stars. A good blend of gothic rock and love metal fascinates many music lovers and their songs easily become Radio and TV hits. In 2004 SolarIce became the first gothic band that won the second place at the mainstream festival "Perlyny Sezonu". Not long ago the band released their debut album "Promeni Sliz" in Ukraine. After that SolarIce have got many invitations, played many concerts in the countries of CIS and Eastern Europe. SolarIce appeared at the gothic festival Gothland (Moscow, Russia), gothic festival Dark Way (Minsk, Belorus), performed in Kiev, Lviv and Odessa. On the 30th of July the band represented Ukraine at the biggest Eastern European gothic festival Castle Party. In May SolarIce won the remix contest for the Austrian band L'ame Immortelle. Their remix was included into the L'ame Immortelle single and released on BMG all over the Europe. Thomas Rainer (leader of L'ame Immortelle) and the press characterize SolarIce as "the Ukrainian band that can make any song reborn as a driving Gothic Rock track". That helps them to secure for themselves a status of the leading Gothic Rock band in Ukraine. At the moment SolarIce are busy with the production of the European version of their album.

Style: gothic rock / love metal
Associated with: The 69 eyes, HIM, The Cult, Type o Negative, The Sister of Mercy, Entwine
The Official Site:
MP3 Samples: "Gloomy dream" "Calling (SolarIce remix of L'ame Immortelle)"

Gray/Scale (Odessa, Ukraine)

A project by Alexander Grechannik based in Odessa. The musical critics characterize the style of Gray/Scale as dark electro/goth synth (male voice). The first achievement of the band was their victory in the remix contest for "Wreath of Barbs" by Wumpscut. Later Gray/Scale released remix for the song "Revivor" by the well - known band Funker Vogt that included it into their maxi. Currently Gray/Scale are working on the new album titled "Frozen to Core". The CD will be released soon in Ukraine and almost at the same time in Europe. The music of the band combines elements of industrial, goth synth and avantgarde electronics together with extraordinary futuristic and romantic lyrics. In 2004 Gray/Scale successfully performed at the festival Wave Gotik Treffen in Germany. In may 2005 the band performed for the first time at the Polish festival Dark East that took place in Warsaw.

Style: dark electro / ebm / synth pop
Associated with: Depeche Mode, De/vision, Apoptygma Berzerk, Assemblage 23
The Official Site:
MP3 Samples: "One of the million" "Believe" "Cover my world (Agonized by Love remix)"

Dust Heaven (Odessa, Ukraine)

The Ukrainian synth goth / cold wave project Dust Heaven was started in 2001 by the musicians of the band Gray/Scale who also invited Olga Pulatova of Fleur as a vocalist. From the very beginning Dust Heaven attracted attention of the audience with the blend of gothic - electronic made up by Alexander Grechannik and unique angelic voice of Olga Pulatova. The musical style of the band is characterized by the Ukrainian and the German press as synth goth combined with cold wave (the closest analogues are L'ame Immortelle, La Floa Maldita, Kirlian Camera). Today the band has a new vocalist - Anastasia. The discography of Dust Heaven is not that much impressive but the musicians have a lot of material in store. In 2003 they recorded a promo single "Nevidimki" that got a lot of positive reactions of the Ukrainian and European musical critics. At the moment Dust Heaven are working on the new single called "Silent River" as well as on the new songs for the coming album (including two versions of the songs - in Ukrainian and in English). More than once their songs were broadcasted by the Ukrainian radio stations. Their first concert took place in the end of 2003 at the Moscow mini gothic festival. Dust Heaven shared the stage with the famous Austrian dark - electro project L'ame Immortelle. In March 2004 the band performed at the gothic party in Odessa, in April they played in Kiev, in May Dust Heaven performed at Wave Gotik Treffen in Germany. May 2005 saw them also playing at the Polish festival Dark East in Warsaw. Their performance evoked incredible reaction among the visitors.

Style: gothic synth
Associated with: L'ame Immortelle, La Floa Maldita, Kirlian Camera, Black Heaven, Tatu
The Official Site:
MP3 Samples:"Невидимки" "Тихая река" (A Silent River) "Невидимки [see her in motion mix]" "Прозрачный человек" (A Transparent Man)

Viy (Kiev, Ukraine)

Starting from the 80's the band has played a unique blend of dark rock and post punk with folk elements and atmosphere of the Ukrainian devilry. Their debut album titled "Viy" was released on the Polish label Koka. "Viy" is considered the best work of Dmitry Dobrivechor and Co. The album presents a couple of the outstanding dark gothic hits: "The Eyes of the Witch", "Flight of a Kite" and "Mist". After release of the album Viy went down in history of the Ukrainian music as the first band that played pagan gothic, or, at least, the closest project to the style. Their lyrics take a listener to the world of the Slavonic Paganism, mysticism and music that stands on the crossroads of folk and string gothic rock with alternative elements. It was those elements that changed the style of the band in the 90's. Their music started to come closer to folk rock or alternative. But recently Viy released the new album called "Хата скраю села" ("A peasant house on the edge of the village"). The CD showed the band coming back to its roots. The concerts of Viy are always something special due to the authentic atmosphere.

Style: dark rock / folk rock
Associated with: Swans, In My Rosary, van Langen
The Official Site:
MP3 Samples: "Хата скраю села" (A peasant house on the edge of the village) "Політ корчака" (Flight of a Kite) "Туман" (Mist), "Очi вiдьми" (The Eyes of the Witch)

Inferno (Kiev, Ukraine)

For the last ten years of its existence Inferno have changed their musical style several times: trash - metal, melodic death/black-metal with female vocal and gothic - metal. In 1996 at the rock festival "Power Perfect" the band won the Prize of the Audience. A week before they recorded the demo called "Agnus Dei" and later shot the video for the title song. The video entered the top - ten of the Nartional charts "Territory A" and kept there for 111 days. By the beginning of 2003 the band has played more than 100 concerts, released four Maxi CDs and two full-length albums. Information on Inferno was included into the section "Legends" of the Encyclopedia of the Ukrainian Rock. Last year Inferno celebrated its tenth anniversary. Today Gothic Metal has the greater influence upon the music, image and general outlook of the musicians of Inferno.

Style: gothic metal
Associated with: Lacuna Coil, Guano Apes, Xandria, Nightwish, Paradise Lost, EverEve, Theatre of Tragedy
The Official Site:
MP3 Samples: "Дыхание" (Breath)

Ginger Snaps (Odessa, Ukraine)

Based in Odessa this high - tech project was recognized by the Ukrainian Gothic Portal as "sensation of the Ukrainian gothic scene 2005". Proving the image of the active band, Ginger Snaps gain more popularity very fast. The musical style combines EBM / Industrial, harsh guitar riffs a la Rammstein and dark electro beats. The image of the band represents aesthetics of Cyber Gothic. In 2005 the band released its first two tracks - "Digital slave" and "Hunting 4" - which became the biggest hits of the Ukrainian dance floors at the Gothic parties organized by the Ukrainian Gothic Portal. At the same time there was released the industrial cover version for the song "A Shadow of Love" by SolarIce. Ginger Snaps may be considered a one - man project. From the very beginning Roman Mitos has been the mastermind and the single member of the band. He writes all the lyrics and music. At the moment Ginger Snaps is working on the debut album that is planned to be released in Spring 2005.

Style: ebm / industrial rock / cyber metal
Associated with: Razed in black, Oomph!, Terminal Choice, Red Cell, Treibhaus
MP3 Samples: "DiGiTal SlAvE", "Hunting 4 (child mix)"

Slide Show (Moscow, Russia)

Due to the perfect blend of harsh electro (EBM/ Gothic Electro) and industrial guitars the Moscow band Slide Show is a welcome guest at many gothic parties held in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The outstanding features of the band are the strong voice of their female vocalist and the lyrics. One of the most important reasons of the popularity of Slide Show is the expressive image of the musicians that represents some interesting mixture of Cyber Gothic, graceful fetish and dark erotic. In the beginning of 2003 the band recorded the first demo and later - the album. Since 2004 Slide Show have been collaborated with the project known as Dark Moscow: the band took part in the concert "The Nightmare before Christmas", appeared at the festivals "Dark Moscow-I: From Live to Cyber" and "Dark Moscow-II: Спокуса". Last year the Ukrainian Gothic Portal organized their first concert in Kiev.

Style: cyber / fetish gothic
Associated with: London After Midnight, Snake River Conspiracy, Rammstein, Terminal Choice, Kidny Thieves
The Official Site:
MP3 Samples: "Lagy" "То, что ты сделал" (Things you have done) "Не отпускай" (Don't let it go)

Dromos (Minsk, Belarus)

A scandalously known Belarusan project Dromos has received many contradictory responses because of the extreme performances. Though being started in 2000 as a studio project Dromos has played more than twenty club and festival shows by the present moment. The basic concept of their music is depressive post - apocalyptic atmosphere and unlimited range of variations - from Dark Wave/ Ambient to Industrial/ Noise. The discography of the band counts two full - length albums "Sacrifice to Abyss" and "Voices", released on their own label Somord Prods. The conception of their creations is an effort of understanding and retransmission of the esoteric and mythological property through the prism of the modern post - industrial culture. DJ Shamanka, one of the Dromos members, is a curator of the Somord Prods label and a founder of the Belarusan alternative festival Dark Way. She has also appeared as a DJ at the various club parties and festivals taken part in Minsk.

Style: ritual industrial / dark ambient / experimental
Associated with: Jack or Jive, Umbra Generis Sui, Northaunt, In Slaughter Natives, Raison d'Etre, This Mortal Coil
The Official Site:
MP3 Samples: "Access denied", "Voices", "Zikkurat"

Olya & Monster (Odessa, Ukraine)

New project started by Olga Pulatova, a vocalist of the famous band Fleur. In some way this project is reincarnation of the band Aeroplan. Olga will present her new, yet unreleased songs at the festival Children of the Night .

Style: dark electronics
Associated with: Tricky, Tori Amos, Milu, Sara Noxx, Dust Heaven
MP3 Samples: yet unavailable but you can listen to the songs of her acoustic project FLEUR:
"Сердце" (Heart) "Опасная бритва" (Razor) " Грустный клоун" (Sad Clown) "Синие тени" (Blue Shadows)

Necropolis (Dollheads) (Kiev, Ukraine)

For the time of its existence the band Necropolis has been a good rival for the famous Fathers of the Ukrainian gothic - Komu Vnyz. The musicians that came from the Town of the Dead started to play gothic rock/ post punk in the beginning of the 90's together with Foma of Mandry. That time they were known in Ukraine as "The Day that Dies Early". The band performed a lot in Ukraine and Russia (in particular in Tver and Saratov at "Indjushata"). But in 1994 "The Day that Dies Early" split up and gave birth to two bands - Necropolis and Mandry. Being attracted by the dark aesthetics (the musicians of Necropolis used to listen to Bauhaus, Swans and Dead Can Dance) the band belonged to the first wave of the admirers of this music and life style unvalued by the society in Ukraine. In 1996 the band released the debut album "My Three Lives" that presented the listeners with the unique blend of the Ukrainian gothic rock and dark electro. That time Necropolis was the first Ukrainian band that sang songs in the English language but unfortunately this fact didn't work for their popularity. In 2003 one song by Necropolis was included into the compilation "Ukrainian Gothic Vol. 1". In 2004 their first break - through into Europe finally occurred thanks to the Ukrainian Gothic Portal: this time their song "Challenger" together with the tracks by Gray/ Scale was put on the CD titled "Dark East". Released by Big Blue/ SPV Poland that compilation represented the best gothic bands from Eastern Europe. At the moment after a long break of almost ten years the band is working on their second full - length album...

Style: gothic rock / dark wave.
Associated with: Swans, Bauhaus, Joy Devision, Mogwai
MP3 Sapmles: "Ukrainian Gothic"

Strigoii (Kiev, Ukraine)

Strigoii - is a young but very promising band of the Ukrainian gothic and independent scene. The music of the band represents a successful mix of the dark melancholic electro with harsh rock guitars and somehow reminds the critics of a well-known act Garbage. The founders of Strigoii are Hanna "Strigoii" Belina, Alexander Baranovsky (of the band Друга Ріка/ Another River) and Sergij (of Another River as well as of Skrjabin and Molotov 20). Hanna writes the lyrics and the music, Alexander and Sergij also write the music and create arrangements of the songs. In April 2005 the band conducted their first rehearsal. In July 2005 Strigoii became a laureate of the famous Ukrainian music and art festival "Perlyny Sezonu" ("Pearls of the Season"). In the beginning of August in the studio "Pteroduction" the musicians together with Oleg Yashnik recorded their first track "Невтрачена надія" ("Unlost Hope"). Recently the Ukrainian Gothic Portal has received their three - tracks demo copy. Strigoii have been also collaborating with the gothic-rock band Solarice and recorded a song called "Calling". At the moment Strigoii are working on their first studio album.

Style: dark rock / cold wave.
Associated with: Garbage, Julia Lord.
MP3 Samples: "Лялька", "Не втрачена надія"

Oksana Malitska (Kiev, Ukraine)

Oksana Malitska possesses a strong opera vocal. Being combined with gothic metal her songs were at once destined to be compared with the famous Nightwish and Within Temptation though her voice is much stronger and richer than of the vocalists of the above mentioned bands. Another distinguishing feature is that she sings in Ukrainian. At the festival "Children of the Night: Chorna Rada 2" Oksana Malitska will present her songs to the audience for the first time.

Style: gothic sympho metal.
Associated with: Nightwish, Within Temptation, Epica, Moonlight
MP3 Samples: "Повінь часу"

Wombat (Rivne, Ukraine)

Wombat is one of the new Ukrainian bands that play music with some gothic elements and balance on the edge of the gothic scene and mainstream. A blend of electro and gothic-rock riffs together with strong and calm vocal of Vadim Goncharov became a characteristic feature of the band as soon as they recorded their first demo copies in 2003. Wombat played at many local festivals, namely "Chervona Ruta" and "Maidan". Being supported by the radio FDR as well as by the band appeared at the Polish festival organized on the occasion of integration of Poland into EU. Recently Wombat have released their first studio album "Вісім годин на добу" ("Eight Hours a Day").

Style: dark rock
Associated with: Behind the scenes, Кукриниксы
MP3 Samples: "Я сумую", "Сон"

Prophetic Dream (Minks, Belarus)

The project was started in 1998 by the musician known as Waat "Prophet" Voltriim who used to play dark-ambient / darkwave and by the moment has recorded five demo albums, many singles and promotional samples. Last time the project has been playing many concerts in the cities of Belarus. The music of Prophetic Dream has been enough modernized. Now the listeners can find the elements of gothic-electro, future-pop, industrial, darkwave and cyber-metal. Since January the project has been in the studio "Ashes Records" working on their debut full-length album. The release is planned for the autumn of 2005.

Style: cyber gothic electro
Associated with: Ewigheim, Terminal Choice, The Fair Sex
MP3 Samples: "Nuclear impulse"

La Reine Margot (Minks, Belarus)

The project La Reine Margot was started on the basis of the band known as Intervention. Founded by Fransua Conde in 2002, La Reine Margot play a blend of gothic rock and dark wave. In winter 2004 having become interested in the European gothic and industrial music, Frank decided to start recording the debut album of La Reine Margot. In spring that year he proposed collaboration to Alexander Adamovich who was specializing in programming. Their work had lasted for four months before the recording of the first version of the album titled "A&A" was completed. In the end of summer of 2004 Frank restarted his work on the CD but that time together with Dmitro Abdiev who was the author of the tracks in the style of dark electro. DJ Commando Labella called their demo album "the best recording of the Belorus band in 2004". After a bunch of the concerts at various rock festivals La Reine Margot presented the album "A&A" at the gothic party "Twilight Realm" that took place in Minsk (club "Step") on the 17th of March 2005. Their song "Inertia" was broadcasted in the programme of Vlad Buben "Lost World" on the radio "Minsk". May 2005 saw the band playing at the gothic party "Dark Way" and shooting their first video. At the moment Frank together with Alexander Adamovich is recording his next album "Opera" that is being done in the style, christened by him as dark electro-rock. Having never betrayed his creative credo he continues to create the music - the gothic songs of La Reine Margo.

Style: gothic rock / dark wave
Associated with: Віктор Цой (Kino), Corpus Dilecti, Children On Stun, Funhause, classic UK gothic rock
MP3 Samples: "Хрустальная", "Инерция", "Музыка ночных берегов", "Реинкарнация"

The Shadow of the Sun (Kiev, Ukraine)

Founded in 1999 this Ukrainian gothic folk metal band is well - known among the connoisseurs of the Ukrainian music. The concept of the band lies in harmonious combination of images of the past with the present, in reflection of the inner controversy of someone's soul, someone's feelings and emotions wrapped by the mysterious surrounding world where life is different and weird... In summer 2001 The Shadow of the Sun recorded a cult gothic song "Christening of Vovkulak" that later was included into their debut album "Sanctity of Faith" released in 2002. Though it was a strictly limited edition, it was enough that the whole country got to know about the band. In February 2004 The Shadow of the Sun got a lot of positive reports after their concert at PK "KPI" on St. Valentine Day and in August that year they became an owner of Grand Prix at the festival "Podyh - 2004", that gave the band much more chances to become known. Their next album titled "Over the Wild Field" (2005) includes such songs as "Plowed Lands" and "Steppe is Burning" which have the features typical for the Ukrainian gothic. The generally recognized song "A Cossack's Grave" is not an exclusion. The track is also notable for its authentic Ukrainian elements. As to the idea of their coming album "Beyond the Edge", it reflects a lyrical hero being constantly searching for himself while staying in the world of hopelessness and disappointment. Soon the album, that has been just mixed, will be available for the wide audience of the admirers of gothic in Ukraine.

Style: gothic folk metal / folk rock
Associated with: In Extremo, Komu Vnyz
The Official Site:
MP3 Samples: yet not available

Yanka Kozyr's Orchestra (Kiev, Ukraine)

The band appeared on the local and the bigger scenes in 2001. The audience at their first concerts wasn't supposed to know what the "gothic" meant - people experienced it and felt it while the band was playing on stage. Along with the rhythms of the true driving rock their performances were accompanied by psychedelic and gothic motifs. Dark stage and spontaneous flashes of light went together with the movements of the band's members dressed in the black shapeless garments and wearing the white masks. Someone was crying, someone screaming, someone was feeling happiness while breaking his body and mind away from the planet Earth. But there were also some people who couldn't get the idea of it - their reaction for the word combination Yanka Kozyr's Orchestra was definitely negative, their responses included comments such as "negative energy", "devilism", "this music is not for us". And the truth is - Yanka Kozyr's Orchestra represents the children of the night who are trying to reach for the sun. The musicians themselves describe their style in an ironic way: "A joyful theatrical art-gothic-folk-classic-rock show". The band sings in Ukrainian, German and English. For the time of its existence Yanka Kozyr's Orchestra has become a winner in the category "Rock Music" of the famous Ukrainian festival "Pearls of the Season 2001" (Perlyny Sezonu); headlined on the last day of the festival of the advanced Ukrainian youth music "M-Mission-2002" (in Kiev); appeared at the Polish art Festival taking place annually in May in Lublin (2003); headlined at the international gala concert held on the occasion of integration of Poland into European Union (Kenshen, Poland, 2004); became a winner of Grand Prix at the Ukrainian rock festival "Taras Bulba" (Dubno, 2004); a winner of the Ukrainian festival "Great Rock n' Roll Fight" (Kiev, 2004); appeared at a great number of various festivals: The Power of Ukraine - 2005, Sheshori - 2005, Taras Bulba - 2005, Volodymir - 2005. The band has also been invited to play at the festivals in Poland, Belarus and Italy.

Style:shock rock / gothic / opera / punk / folk
Associated with: Rocky Horror Show, Pink Floyd, Rammstein
The Official Site:
MP3 Samples: "Політ коршака", "Пекельний шлях", "Вовчиця я"