THE UKRAINIAN GOTHIC PORTAL ( presents: annual gothic / dark / independent festival "Children of the night" (

History & introduction

The festival "Children of the night" is the oldest festival of gothic/industrial scene in ex-USSR, the one, which managed to gather ultimatively big number of visitors from the beginning. That's why it is labeled as "biggest gothic/dark event of ex-USSR" and "dark slavic gathering".

History of the festival goes to 1999 when it was first originally planned and realized with around 2000 of fans visiting the event and first goth / industrial bands playing there.

In USSR "gothic" or related issues were prohibitet, so there was no scene at all. After the breakdown of Soviet Union in 1989 the gothic / industrial scene of Eastern Europe developed tremendously . In early 1999 it became possible to organize first events for some thousands of audience. Unfortunately, each national independent scene (e.g. Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Baltic States) developed isolated, but the demand grown for one common event gathering all together. Thus, in 1999-2000 the Chorna Rada 1 was made attracting attention of the whole region.

"Chorna Rada" is translated from slavic languages as "dark gathering", "dark council" and is famous for its historcal interpretations. The place for festival, Kiev-city is also a rightest choice, because Kiev is historically acknowledged as "cradle" of such slavic nations as ukrainians, russians or belorussians. The first name of the festival, "Children of the night" was originally used in 1999 and identifies and talks for itself.

Nowadays, "Chorna Rada: children of the night" is the central slavic gothic / industrial event, that presents annualy the best bands from Ukraine. Russia, Belarus and rest of Eastern Europe in Kiev. The place to come for lovers of gothic, industrial, cyber and dark romance from different neighboring countries of region, who visit the festival.

What's about ukrainian gothic / industrial scene? The scene and the gothic subculture develop very fast in Ukraine. There are many different bands and projects, the most known of which are KOMU VNYZ, SOLARICE, GRAY\SCALE, DUST HEAVEN, INFERNO, VIY and others, less known among the wider audience.

In the Internet there is famous info-resource known worldwide as the Ukrainian Gothic Portal - - which, in addition to the press/media activity, works as a promoter and booking agency (organization of the concerts the ukrainian artists at the gothic festivals in Poland and Germany), a label (Tridens Records - - release of the compilations CD "Ukrainian Gothic" and albums of the bands) and as a distributing center (distribution of more than 2000 items of the rare records of the world gothic scene). Organizer: every month various gothic parties, organized by team of Ukrainian Gothic Portal (, take place at clubs of the biggest Ukrainian cities, in particular in Kiev, Odesa, Lviv and Ternopol. For Ukraine the gothic parties are unique in their concept because they combine the concerts of the oustanding bands, theatrical performances, poetry readings, films and video viewing, art exhibitions and dancing.

Official press information: Ukrainian gothic / industrial festival "CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT": always in September in Kiev (Ukraine).

Short info:

The Ukrainian Gothic Portal ( invites you again for the unique event - the festival "Children of the night" (, that is the biggest gothic / industrial / independent event in Ukraine and neighboring slavic countries. The festival gathers annualy best bands, DJ's and thousands of lovers of gothic / industrial scene from the ex-USSR: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Baltic States and Eastern Europe. festival has 5-years history, takes place in Kiev and is organized every year . The exact festival dates are stated in news on festival site. Two things are sure: it's always in September and in Kiev.

More information:

For its history and idea the festival "Children of the night" is has received such titles and labels:

"Dark romance gathering of slavic nations",
"Biggest ukrainian gothic / independent festival",
"Most significant dark event in the ex-USSR"

The idea:

The festival gathers best bands, DJ's and thousands of lovers of gothic / industrial scene from the ex-USSR: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Baltic States. The festival keeps developing the same position in slavic region as the biggest gothic festivals of Germany (Wave Gotik Treffen, M'era Luna), Poland (Castle Party) and in other countries do, assembling tens of thousands of people from the different parts of the world.


LIVE PERFORMANCES: Many already famous and young bands of the gothic / dark independent / industrial scene of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other countries of ex-USSR, NIS and Eastern Europe. Bands & DJ's from Europe, USA and Japan are awaited guests every year as well.

Band's line-up & info of the Chorna Rada -2005

Band's line-up & info of the Children of the night -2006

More bands are in planning!


Performances of the best gothic/industrial DJs & PJ's from Ukraine (Kiev, Lviv, Ternopol, Odessa), Belarus (Minsk), Russia (Moscow) and other countries of ex-USSR, NIS and Eastern Europe. International guest-DJ's from Europe, Japan and USA. There at the festival will be traditionally presented the whole spectrum of the gothic scene (gothic rock, industrial, gothic metal, cyber & synth gothic, electro, ebm, medieval & folk gothic, future pop, dark wave , etc.). Officialy confirmed are the DJ's listed in DJ's section of official festival site.

DJ's & PJ's line-up & info of the Chorna Rada -2005

DJ's & PJ's line-up & info of the Children of the night -2006

EXPOSITIONS: The celebration of beauty and romance wil be conducted with an exposition of extraordinary works by the Ukrainian photographers and painters as well as with viewing of the avant-guard videos and esoteric performances

GOTHIC, FETISH, CYBER & DARK EROTIC CLOTHES: Expected: a gothic fashion showing and a selling of clothes in the style of gothic / dark erotic / cyber / fetish / S&M by the young designers.

COMPETITIONS: Some competitions for all the visitors are expected: "Mr. and Ms. Gothic 2005", "The Best Vampire and Vampiress" and a competition for the best musical improvisation. The winners will get the signed CDs, T-shirts and a lot of other interesting exotic prizes. Plus the guests will have a chance to win two tickets for our festivals-partners: Wave Gotik Treffen and Castle Party. Plus some more.

GOTHIC FASHION & MAKE UP:Beautiful Ukrainian gothic girls will be doing true gothic make-up that will turn any person into the true star of the festival.

A Documentary "The Children of the Night" is made every year: All the visitors will have a chance to take part in shooting of a couple of music videos and become participants of the documentary "The Children of the Night". The shooting of the film will be lasting during the festival.

How to get there: address: club "Peremoga" (transliterated from Ukrainian)/ "Pobeda" (transliterated from Russian)/ (earleir known as "New York"), subway station "Darnitsa", Perova Boulevard, 2Official site of the festival "Children of the night" -

We invite you to join us to celebrate the feast of romance, beauty and gothic!


How to get the tickets:

in Kiev: subway station Petrovka, Moscow Avenue 6 (Moskovskij Prospect 6), bookstore "Orpheus" (next building behind "Megamarket")
Look at the map below:

Price: one day - 45 gr., 2 days - 65gr. While buying the tickets at the bookstore "Orpheus" you will be given a reduction in the price for the books or any other goods.

Please have a deeper look at the original of the ticket In order to prevent any kinds of counterfeit we recommend you to buy your tickets only at the places mentioned here. Soon we will publish the addresses of other stores in Kiev and Odessa where you will be able to buy your tickets.

Those, who live in other cities of Ukraine and CIS countries, may get additional information and order you tickets by phone: +38 066 351 9598 and +38 050 681 80 95.
You can order your tickets but it is desirable to collect them during one day before the festival takes place. Means that your payment is due by the evening of September 16th.

Contact information and accreditation

Vitaliy "stranger" Fedun: e-mail: (regarding taking part at the festival, booking of the bands, media support in Ukraine and accreditation in Europe)

Yuriy "Svarog" ̉kachuk: tel.: +38 050 681 80 95, e-mail: (regarding accreditation, taking part at the festival, booking of the bands and other queries)

Eugen "Demiurg" Babich: tel.: +38 066 351 95 98, e-mail: (queries on media support and sponsorship)

Demian "Duncan" Sushko: e-mail: (queries on accomodation and other)



Bands, artists, DJs and others who are interested in taking part in the festival or just in supporting the event may contact all those people mentioned in the section CONTACT

---------PRESS: Journalists from Ukraine and Europe are highly welcomed. The press will be informed with exclusive information on the event and provided with the passes into the VIP-area at the club. If you wish to get accreditation, the main condition is to announce the festival (on the Internet pages or in the printed media, on Radio or TV stations). Consecutive publications of the festival news are important as well. The representatives of the media, who are not able to announce the event but wish to write a review after the festival is over, have to prove the status of a journalist. Those journalist, who will come from EU will receive a possibility to get a living place free of charge for the days of festival.

---------BANDS: To take part in a stage performance the bands can send their demo or promo copies at the contact addresses given above or give them to the representatives of the festival who are responsible for the selection of the bands.

---------IF YOU WISH TO HELP US: At the moment we are looking for promoters of event in all the countries of the world, especially in EU. We will be glad to cooperate with specialized press. If you are interested please get in touch via whose email addresses, that are listed in the section CONTACT



Press release (detailed version, only in ukrainian yet!)
Press release (shortened version for the media, only in ukrainian yet!)

Audio promo: Radio-trailer ( 1# in ukrainian language: [mp3] [wav], #2 in russian language: [mp3] [wav]
Video promo: TV-trailer (mpeg4, soon to come)

Promo-banners in english language:

Posters, small, 180*250, web-versions:

#1: general poster of festival (prefferable), #2: Chorna rada-2005, #3: Children of the night-2005

#1: general poster of festival (prefferable) #2: Chorna rada-2005. Click to see bigger version #3: Children of the night-2005. Click to see bigger version
Posters, middle, 300*417, web-versions ( # 1 version: Chorna rada, # 2 Children of the night)

Festival Logo (logo,title,web GIF-file)
Festival Logo (logo, EPS-file)